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My preliminary idea was to write nonfiction about the philosophy and perspectives of our fellow Malaysians. I spent 2 years doing extensive researches and conducting various interviews with people from diverse walks of life. As years went by, the inevitable time and capital factors made me drop the idea of writing the nonfiction that I have intended to do. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. The challenge here is to put an effort into looking for something, for days, even for years and you will come to a point crossroad where you have to make the decision. The decision that will ultimately change the course of your life. And, that night, I took the decision. The one decision that was going to change the entire course of my life. I decided, wholeheartedly, to drop the project that I have been working on.

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 The planning and devising stage was dreary for me. I wanted to compose a plain sailing yet sui generis piece of writing. However, I couldn’t make up my mind on the topic/issue my book should be revolving around. My sedulous attempts made me do a lot of late-night brainstorming and researches. Just one ordinary witching hour, it hit me. I am going to write about self- development. Yes. I am aware it sounds like a run-of-the-mill kind of genre. There are tons of authors out there that have published their masterpiece. I started to dwell in my thoughts again. How can I make this one exceptional from the rest? 

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Many months passed by. I know that I have to come up with a notable way of presenting my very common self-development book. I hit my eureka moment. I wanted to present my self-development in mirror written format. I couldn’t remember the exact day and time it hit me. But I knew, this is it. I devoted my time and energy to researching more about mirror writing. Mirror-writing is the practice of writing letters, words, or sentences backward to make them seem normal when viewed in a mirror.

Leonardo Da Vinci implemented it to write his personal notes. Leonardo not only wrote in a unique type of shorthand that he created himself, but he also mirrored his work, starting on the right side of the page and turning to the left. He only wrote in the usual direction when he was composing something for other people. It isan eccentric way of writing and certainly piques the interest of the readers to cognize more about the topic. I know that it is basic human nature to interpret and translate a piece of coded or strange information into a comprehensible form. I had realized that I found what I want to do. The upcoming year would be the year where I work for this first piece of mine.

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I devoted this entire year to research more about the mirror writing formats and the impacts of reading such written texts in different individuals. I did my research using the internet and visiting the National Library of Malaysia. This entire year went by in a flash just with researches and case studies.

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I was confident this year. After spending a year doing thorough research, I knew I had everything that I needed to start my writing. I spend my days coming up with a perfect manuscript for this book. It was not a walk in the park. I was constantly greeted with sleepless nights where I burned the midnight oil perfecting my manuscript. Deep down, I know this is going to be my final piece.


The government announces the lockdown. It was sudden glitch for the entire country but not for me. I continued to make progress with my manuscript. Before submitting it officially to the relevant bodies, I did my thorough checking over and over again. I wanted my manuscript to be error-free and perfect. From the spell checking to fragment checking, I gave my entire attention to this

The images show some of the researches papers on mirror writing.

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Figure 1

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Figure 2