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The Basics 2021

An Adventure Starts with your own Ability
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28 APR 2021

On the 28 April 2021, The Basics has been awarded "First Mirror Book Published" by the Malaysian Book of Records. This is something huge and personal for me. All the late nights and missed catch ups felt like the best sacrifice I could do to hold this award. And, I know this is just the beginning.

This success is not mine alone. I would take this platform to my editor for teaming up with me and lending me a hand throughout the journey. Not forgetting my friends. I am sincerely thankful for the continued encouragement and support. Most importantly, my producer, my father, Mr. Sukumaran who really lend me a hand to make a difference in my life. And, I know this is just the beginning. There is more to come in the near future.


7 MAR 2021

The Basics - An adventure starts with your own abilities (2021)

A newfangled - modernistic book that will definitely challenge your limits and inspire you with desire to have an unique, exciting and adventurous life. Catered to all age groups, this book is not the usual self help book that you will find in the store.

'The Basics' comes in two versions. The first one we call it as the normal paperback version that you can grab and go anytime.

Do you want to challenge yourself? Grab our second version and be prepared to get amazed.

You may get your e-books in Google Play.

As for the paperback, kindly get in touch with me to place your orders.



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With so much of excitement , I would like to share that "The Basics" has been featured in SunDaily on the 14th April 2021.

I couldn't have done this without my editor, friends who supported me this whole process and the most important the readers who supported "The Basics" with their positive feedbacks.

This is just a beginning of many other possibilities and achievements,


5 MAR 2021

Humbly presenting to you "THE BASICS"

My first ever published work that will aid you to find yourself. The easiest and basic aspects has been aligned for the readers in a exciting way. Request yours today. 
Pre-order for e-books for 'The Basics' available now in the Google Play Books. Place your order now!

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For those who needs to grab the physical copy, the paperback version will be released in 7th March nationwide.

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1 MAR 2021



Everything else will be unveiled on 07th March 2021.


So folks, please DM/PM/SMS/Whatsapp/email for further insights about the pre-order.